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O'Donnell, Lorraine

Research Associate (QUESCREN) Quebec English-Speaking Community Research Network
Quebec English-Speaking Community Research Network, a joint initiative of the School of Community and Public Affairs at Concordia University and the Canadian Institute for Research on Linguistic Minorities with support from Canadian Heritage.

Lorraine O'Donnell is coordinator-researcher of the Quebec English-Speaking Communities Research Network, a joint initiative of CIRLM and Concordia University's School of Community and Public Affairs. Located in Montreal, the Network develops research capacity related to Quebec's English-speaking community.

Ms. O'Donnell has a graduate diploma in Community Economic Development (Concordia University) and a Ph.D. in history (McGill University). She many years of experience as a professional researcher, project coordinator and consultant, focusing for the last decade on community development projects pertaining to English-speaking Quebecers. She has also taught Canadian history at Université Laval.

Her current research interest is in history and heritage projects that involve and help build communities and social groups such as women's organizations.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 1.514.848.2424 ext. 4315 Theme : Quebec AnglophonesWomenHistory and folklore Interest with research on linguistic minorities Lorraine O'Donnell is interested in the history and heritage of English-speaking Quebecers. She has carried out major projects resulting in research reports, exhibits and websites on the history/heritage of Quebec City's Jewish community (, the Irish of Quebec (, and Quebec Anglophones the Lower North Shore, Gaspésie, Mauricie and Lower St. Lawrence. She has drawn from these experiences to presented papers on community-building history projects.

Lorraine has also researched the history of women's unpaid labour including women's relation to consumption and visual culture. Her article on the Montreal Eaton's store discussed "Anglophone" issues in this regard.

Publications on Linguistic Minorities

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Other publications :

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