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Growing Up in L'archipel: Youth Identities in the Context of the Alberta Francophone Games

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Année : 1998 Auteur(s) et collaborateur(s) Dallaire, Christine; Whitson, David (dir.); Thème Alberta
Volume et numéro : , 20 Revue : , Canadian Issues / Thèmes Canadiens Pages : , 91-107 Résumé Explores the tensions between regional, national, and linguistic identities, drawing on discourse analysis, cultural studies, and francophone studies. The purpose is to understand the role of leisure events and choices, such as participation in the Alberta Francophone Games, in the always fluid processes of identity formation. French-speaking youth in Alberta can define themselves by making choices among a variety of institutional opportunities for leisure and sociability, some of which lead to the development of affiliations that strengthen their attachment to the francophone community, others to friends and activities that take them further away, toward other forms of identification. In seeking to incite youth into identifying with the community, francophone leaders hope to create an attractive space for youth to produce themselves as Francophones through the staging of the Alberta Francophone Games. This paper seeks to map the institutional spaces where identities of French-speaking youth are created and reinforced, the types of affiliations produced, the dynamics between multiple affiliations, and the processes by which participants take on or resist identities.